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The Madhipura Christian Hospital is a secondary level hospital, which serves as a referral center for many nearby districts. We strive to provide the best possible care for our patients, which is scientifically sound, ethical and administered with love.

Our outpatient facility caters to about 32,000 patients on an average every year. Consultation charge for 1 week (any number of visits) is Rs 60 for first visit, Rs 30 thereafter.

MCH is fortunate to have highly trained anesthetists, surgeons and supporting staff, that enables us to offer advanced surgical care in a variety of areas. We have all major general and laparoscopic surgeries available in the hospital. Last year we have conducted around 186 surgeries. Upper GI Endoscopy and Endoscopic Urology are also conducted in the hospital.

Advanced surgical services are offered for elective and emergency conditions. Laparoscopic cholecystectomies, appendectomies, hernia repair to name a few. Paediatric and neonatal surgeries, such as teratomas, meningocele and congenital diaphragmatic hernia are some of the other surgeries offered. Diagnostic services include biopsies, upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Advanced anaesthesia services are offered including general, regional and neuraxial anaesthesia

The in-house pharmacy provides drugs routinely used in the OPD and the wards.

MCH offers palliative care that covers all nearby villages and plans are underway to cover more distant villages. Awareness programs in villages, schools and other places are regularly conducted.

FALCON - Role of antibiotic coated sutures for rectus and the use of chlorhexidine vs betadine. The study is completed and published in LANCET. Sub studies of the same research has been published as KIWI and TALON.

CHEETAH – cluster randomised trial of sterile gloves and instrument change at the time of wound closure to reduce surgical site infection. This is an ongoing study.

PENGUIN – perioperative respiratory care and outcome for patients undergoing high risk abdominal surgery. This is an ongoing study. Apart from the hospital-based studies we are also concentrating on community-based studies.

A cross-sectional study to identify the burden of malnutrition among 1 to 5-year-old rural children of Madhepura, Bihar. This is an ongoing study done in 14 villages. The interim analysis showed 70% were underweight, 30% were wasted and 80% of the children were stunted. We also conduct regular community demographic surveys through our community team.

We have 2 studies that will begin in the next few months - the first is an international trial on the efficacy of artificial intelligence to read x-rays and the second is a multi-centre trial to assess use of antibiotics in rural areas. We are planning to recruit a dedicated research officer who will handle all the research activities.

The hospital has both general wards and private rooms manned by well-trained nurses and ancillary staff. We have about 60 operational beds with 83.7% occupancy and charity given on patient bills last year is 33 lakh rupees.

In addition to routine laboratory services, Ultrasound, and X-Ray facilities are available. We possess and provide fully automated laboratory services and we have conducted more than 60000 tests. The hospital has been accredited by CMC Vellore EQUAS program and in addition to that we provide Radiology services.

We provide the highest level of professional and compassionate care in the hospital and the community always looking to show love and care even in the most trying of circumstances.
In addition to regular nursing care, we are committed to improve the quality of nursing services both within the hospital and in the community around us. A continued In-service Education is in place to improve internal standards. Regular birth attendant training is also conducted for government nurses to upgrade their skills in antenatal care, conducting deliveries and post-natal care.

Apart from the busy out- patient department, we have a fully equipped labour room with CTG machines and monitors. Sick pregnant women and patients are referred from Madhepura and the surrounding districts. High risk pregnancy management, laparoscopic gynaecological surgeries, pelvic floor repair surgeries, autotransfusion in emergency are some of the unique facilities we provide to our OBGYN patients.

Gynaecological services offered are screening of malignancies through endometrial, cervical sampling and biopsies; effective infertility treatment, and operations with advanced laparoscopic technique namely laparoscopic sterilization, cystectomy, vaginal hysterectomy, prolapse and oncological surgeries. The OG department also was able to do a cervical cancer screening camp this year.

Critical Care

Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit (consiting of 6 beds) continues to attract patients as evidenced by the steadily increasing numbers. Patients requiring ICU services include medical patients like snake bite victims and poisonings as well as critically ill post-operative obstetrics and general surgery patients and those with eclampsia.

The Neonatal ICU (consisting of 12 beds) continues to serve a number of critically ill neonates, including those born preterm and low birth weight, and those with respiratory distress and sepsis. The faciliities in the intensive care unit include three adult ventilators and a neonatal ventilator.

Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


OPD runs daily from Monday to Saturday. A wide range of specialities are covered, including medicine, paediatrics, OG, family medicine, psychiatry, surgery, PMR. There is a well- equipped laboratory and x- ray services to help with diagnosing varied illnesses. Other services provided are ECHO, spirometry, advanced dental services and Ophthalmology. In the year 2021- 2022 we treated 27,872 patients in the OPD and had 3157 admitted patients. We received government permission to start DOTS programme to cater to our TB patients.

Emergency Services and Critical Care

Our emergency department led by Mr. Jeremiah Joseph, trained in Emergency Medicine from CMC Vellore, provides 24- hour services. We have a 6- bedded emergency ward, with a crash cart and defibrillator. Competent staff ensure that any patient arriving to the emergency is seen and stabilised as soon as possible. 3372 patients were treated in the emergency department last year.

Many medical patients getting admitted are immensely benefitted from our advanced ICU facilities. Sick snake bite patients, deliberate self-harm (poisoning) patients and patients with infectious diseases have been managed with the best possible care in the state. Neonatal ICU is fully equipped with monitors and paediatric ventilators. Babies with sepsis, hypoxia, respiratory distress are admitted and treated. We also have a dialysis machine, and a specially trained staff- nurse, Mr. Sagar who has been trained in CMC Vellore in this. Our poor patients with acute kidney injury, who need dialysis as part of their intensive care, are benefitted from this. Patients below the poverty line can avail the Ayushman Bharat Scheme for admission to our centre; for general surgery and general medicine.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“Our team has Dr. Annabelle, a Physiatriast, Mr. William Alex and Mr. Elijah Nissi both Physiotherapists all trained at CMC Vellore and Mr. Raj, a rehabilitation technician from mobility India.”

  • Our rehabilitation services treat patients with chronic pain, club foot, post- trauma, post- op and post- partum pelvic pain, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, autism, global development delay, acute strokes, neuropathies, musculoskeletal problems to name a few.
  • The department was recently inaugurated by the DM of Madhepura, Shri Shyam Bihari Meena, on the 26th of May. The function was graced by the differently abled from surrounding villages, our ACMO and Mr. Sarwan, one of our patients who benefitted from rehabilitation. There are two therapy halls- one for physiotherapy and pain- relief and the other for child therapy and activities of daily living.

Nursing Services

Madhipura Christian Hospital has a good and committed Nursing team which includes nurses with MSc, PcBsc, BSc, GNM, ANM, ANM RCH and General Duty Assistant. Mr. Nothaniel Mishra (BSc MSc) is the Nursing Superintendent and Miss Ruby Singha (PcBSc) is the Deputy Nursing Superintendent.

Out- patient services have qualified nurses in obstetrics and emergency care. Our nurses have undergone various training programs such as EHA NEST, Home Based Care, Continue nursing education, online CME & other workshops. Other specialized training includes dialysis care, anesthesia and critical care, B.L.S & ACLS.

Dental Services

Inaugurated in 2020, with Dr. Anitha Grace setting up the dental department. The team is headed by of Dr. Naina Johnson, who completed her BDS from Christian Dental College, CMC Ludhiana and MDS Prosthodontics from, Rajasthan Dental College, Jaipur. Our other Dentist, Dr. Manu Pillai, BDS from Christian Dental College, CMC Ludhiana, sees OPD and will be going to the community.

Procedures offered include restorations, extractions, RCT, oral cancer screening, biopsies, mucocele excisions. Prosthodontic work - removable partial and complete dentures, fixed prosthesis.

We also have a Digital X-Ray machine for the department. An Endomotor makes single sitting RCTs possible for patients unable to come for multiple visits. An old hospital Ambulance has been modified to fit a new dental chair for the purpose of starting Community Dental Services. We have camps thrice a week in different villages and many are benefitted, especially those who cannot travel to the hospital.

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